SharpenAI stopped working

I posted here at the weekend about SharpenAI stopping working after the trial period was up although it was supposed to be an upgrade from Infocus so it should never expire. Anyway I digress, the outcome of the replies was that I seem to have installed it correctly so I should put in a Ticket, I did that on Saturday and thought I would have had a reply by now, how long does it take usually? Also left a message on the facebook page but also no reply, I don’t think there’s anyone manning the facebook messages, they seemed to be automated questions/replies so I got nowhere with it. Sorry to start another post but a moderator has already closed the first one.

As was pointed out there is an automated reply when you submit the request and then it will take at least 48 hours before there is a reply - depending on the number of requests. @ATharp could you help here (also) please.

48 hours? that’s not a response time to be proud of!

I guess that is your opinion but it seems you have been using for a month as a trial already and only just asked for help.

Di you try this:

After logging into your Topaz account click on Coupon either on the left side of your account page or under Account > coupon then click on the coupon tag.

Next, go to the Stand alone > Sharpen AI menu at the top of the page and select Sharpen AI.
Once on the page, scroll to the bottom and find Buy Now. Once you have the cart it should show the price minus the coupon. Then check out normally to purchase. Finally, download or if you are using a trial go to the Help menu > Update ownership and it will change from trial to normal version.

This is for people who already own InFocus under the same email/account.

Got it with the discount code originally, that’s why I wasn’t expecting it to stop at the end of a month. Tried again several times to buy it using the code but no joy, in fact I’ve tried that many times it won’t let me use the code anymore but each time after installation it asks me for my account details; but when I put them in it thinks for a while then just takes me back to asking for my account details?

I believe there was an update issued on April 2 to address the issue where some users weren’t able to log in. Run Help-> Check for updates.

Also start the standalone version using admin rights, right click and run as administrator, and see if you can log in on that way. It may be an issue with your firewall blocking access.

I ran the latest update but still won’t let me in, can’t go in to any menus to alter anything as I can’t get passed the first login screen.

As you can see the system knows I’ve purchased the product, now 6 days since I opened the ticket and no response? Would you buy a used car from these people?

Tried running it as Administrator and turning off Windows Defender and my Firewall but still nothing, clearly the system is returning a negative to my ownership of the product. The lack of response is starting to bug me now, it’s a great plugin and I had incorporated the product into my workflow and this is very annoying.

I noticed that there are also issues with special characters in the password, if you are using special characters change your password to using numbers and characters, both lower and upper case.

For example I had to get rid of a punctuation character I used in mine but it didn’t affect a direct login to the Topaz Labs web site just from the applications when validating ownership.

Always been the same password, all lowercase and numbers, no spaces or special characters, bought other products using the same password with no trouble.

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Sorted now, thanks for your suggestions. Still no feedback from Topaz on the now 6 day old Ticket, I went in and did the free upgrade thing again but this time as it already said the Total cost was zero I didn’t put the discount code in. Seems to have done the trick and it’s back up and running again.

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