SharpenAI not showing correct parameters in the bottom display

I have encountered what looks like a bug in the latest version of SharpenAI (4.1). The numbers at the bottom of the screen (circled in red in the screen snapshot below) do not change to reflect changes that the user makes to the parameters in the box (circled in yellow).

As you see in this example, I changed:

Blur Type to “Lens Blur”
Remove Blur to 26,
Suppress Noise to 27
Remove artifacts to 36.

But the numbers at the bottom still read:
“T: MB M: 16 N: 14 A: 51”
which stands for "Motion Blur; Remove Blur: 16; Suppress Noise: 14; Remove Artifacts: 51

These numbers are what it was set to when the program started, presumably from an earlier usage.

If I click the “Model Parameters” right side toggle to “choose automatic settings”, then the numbers at the bottom change (and turn yellow) to show the new numbers that gives, but if I toggle it to off, it stays showing the numbers that the auto settings gave (but not in yellow), but again does not change if I then change them myself.

The “Add Grain” parm (shown as “G” at the bottom) DOES change when I change the parm in the options (which is why it shows “8” in both places), but that is the only one that changes.

This may not seem like a big deal when dealing with ONE image - the program actually uses the values shown in the Parameter box, not the numbers at the bottom. But when you do a batch operation you cannot tell what options you are really gettting because every image in the batch list shows those old numbers. I am not at all sure what it is using when I do this.

DeNoiseAI works fine in this area. PhotoAI doesn’t have such an area and looks completely different.