Sharpen Batch Mode

I am still looking for some kind of PDF documentation for Sharpen – I don’t like videos…

In the meantime, I have a few questions. Most importantly, I’d like to replace the image with the same name rather than appending a suffix (I have the originals stored elsewhere). I’ve deleted the suffix and prefix in the preferences, and I do the same to the custom name field when given that option when saving. That seems to work when I get the “Apply” option after choosing settings. Unfortunately, the “save image(s)” selection seems to ignore it. I’ve not been able to figure out what generates the apply option – at the moment, I can’t recreate it.

Also …
If I load a set of images and adjust settings on them, then come back to one, the preview box has moved and it updates everything. How do I lock them in?

Why are some of the numbers indicating the level of blur or noise removal in yellow?


You only get the “Apply” option when you open the app in plug-in mode which you can do by (obviously) invoking it as a plug-in to Ps, Lr etc., or by either dragging an image onto the app icon or right-clicking and selecting “Open with”. The latter two are not advisable because in the case of raw files the app will pretend to save the file but won’t produce anything and for other formats it will overwrite your input file.

That’s great – overwriting is exactly what I wanted. I had edited a bunch of jpgs in LR BEFORE having tried out Sharpen. It seems to work well to sharpen the original, then simply apply the edits to it.

As Sharpen still has a Beta Program, it would be difficult to produce a definitive guide.

I once assembled a mass of material explaining Topaz Studio 1. Then, Topaz Studio 2 was issued!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I feel your pain – but in this case, I’m not looking for anything “definitive”, just a page or two describing the basic operation and options.