Sharpen AI vs adjustments

Sharpen AI, I assume this would be used in place of the Sharpen adjustment. How does this relate to the Precision Detail adjustment? Different uses? Do I use one over the other?

And in a workflow with AI Clear, would it be best to use AI Clear first, then Sharpen AI next?

Sharpen AI it’s used to recover details in an image that is blurred, either by a focus issue, a movement in the image like a shutter speed that was too low (shake) or to improve the sharpness by recovering detail in a soft image.

It would be used before Ai Clear and Precision Detail in your workflow.

Thanks. How do I access my free copy of Sharpen AI that I was offered in an email. When I try to do so, I will be charged about $60. I have logged into my account first.


Rex Boggs

Just download the trial and your account should be updated soon if inFocus is under the same email address. You can use the trial until then and if it isn’t updated in the next week or so just raise a support request.