Sharpen AI v4.1.0 Photoshop plugin problems

Sharpen AI v4.1.0
Photoshop 24.2.0
macOS 12.6.3
M1 Mac Studio

When Sharpen AI is used as a Photoshop plugin, the workflow has serious problems. Photoshop has just updated to a new version (February 2023).
Opening older Photoshop files, the Topaz filter does not allow saving changes. The previously applied Sharpen AI filter has to be removed and settings reapplied with a new version.

Using Topaz filters with Photoshop Smart Objects has problems. Reordering Smart Filters or toggling the visibility off and on always opens the Topaz app. Annoying and destroys the workflow. Checking the effect of an individual filter is difficult.

When Sharpen AI filter is reopened, if you have any custom refine selection it’s gone. Even if you “close without saving”, your refine selection is lost. It happens even when the Sharpen AI is not the last filter.

I suggest you raise a support request at the main website for further technical support.

I assume that you have reinstalled after updating PS, at least the plugins from the Help menu if not the whole application.