Sharpen AI v2.0.5 [File->Close All Images] working as designed?

~ Load an image; Update per normal (file dirty-tag updated)
~ Execute [File->Close All Images]

Processed image goes away with no warning of “not saved”.

Is this what one should expect? (Even with the new batch paradigm of having more than one image loaded at a time)

I would think you would still want a warning for any image that has not been saved.

I myself don’t have an issue with it. Could be a nice touch, but there are bigger issues.

My view is that “Update” is not actually altering the image content, it is only “previewing” that part of the image that is being displayed. The alteration to the original image content comes when you click on Save Image, or in batch mode after batch processing has been started. Prior to that there is nothing to save.

That is not a problem for me, I am trying to find out where pictures go when saved and/or how to change it???


Let me try again…

Sharpen 1.x

~) load one image
~) process an image ie Update (file-tag is dirty)
~) execute File->Close Image

Result: warning dialog that file has been changed (as expected) ie Save? y/n

Sharpen 2.x

~) load two images
~) process one or two images (doesn’t matter); one or more file-tags are dirty
~) execute File->Close All Images

Result: no warning dialog; Sharpen happily closes out regardless if any images need saving

Note: this is not a feature request; not a priority request; not a thread about unrelated issues, not a preview issue.

It is a “should Sharpen 2.x close down with images that need saving with no warning” question.

ie is there something about multi-file processing that makes this necessary? Or is the dirty-tag exit logic not programmed correctly? That would probably be for Don to confirm and pass on to the devs as appropriate (or not).

In the Save dialog, if the Save-Directory is set to Source then the file should be saved to the same folder as the original file was loaded from. If the Save-Directory is set to Custom then you can specify an alternate folder location.

Did you run into a situation where that did not work? I guess I’m not clear what the issue is. Maybe specify if you are running Sharpen stand-alone versus plug-in?


When you exit via the “X”, or via File->Quit after doing an update, you do get the “Images Not Saved. Do you still want to quit? Y/N” dialog so perhaps to be consistent there should be one when you File->Close Files.

In my workflow Sharpen AI rarely gets used in freestanding mode. It is nearly always used as a plug in, and in that mode the issue doesn’t arise.

What I have seen is in Affinity Photo (with Sharpen 2.0.5 Windows 10) is it processes the image and before you can hit “Save” it closes the application. Don’t know if this is what you mean. I’m not spending much time to Topaz issues anymore because the bugs never stop. Do my sharpening and other effects in Capture One. It cost me to much time and unfortunately it never stops with bugs appearing.
Have seen the same sometimes with DeNoise 2xxx

Good point. If window-manager-close (X) throws up a warning dialog then it seems pretty clear that File->Close-All-Images should too.