Sharpen & AI small dimensions

When saving a file as DNG or Preserve source format from Canon RAW the file dimensions become very small. Saving as one of the other formats e.g. tiff keeps the same dimensions as the original. The output is also terrible and not as shown in the preview.

What application are you trying to open the output in?

Preserve Source format won’t work as RAW files cannot be created in an application, only from sensor data.

You need system specs also … go to the Help menu, open Graphics info., press the Copy button and paste the info here.

I worked out the issue from an older post. Some applications don’t understand the file and open the preview contained within the file and not the file itself. Windows10 standard photo viewer doesn’t show or open the file correctly. So who’s at fault, Topaz or the photo application developers?

I think the issue is caused by the fact that DNG is a ‘archive format’ but many people and applications think it is a RAW format.

Unfortunately each DNG must have a profile and if applications are unaware of that then they can’t display the actual image but the icon preview.

I would recommend installing XnView or Adobe Bridge, both free, to use as a image viewer on Windows.