Sharpen AI - Saving to Lightroom

I use Lightroom to file/catalog all of my images. I like the option of invoking SharpenAI from Lightroom but am having a problem saving a file back into Lightroom. The only option for saving a file that I have found is “save as” (“save” in the File drop down menu is grayed out). “Save as” modifies the original file name by adding text (sharpen/stabilize/focus) to the file name which makes it unknown to Lightroom. In adddtion the file location in “save as” is unknown and must be entered. The only way I have figured out how to save a file back to Lightroom is to use “save as”, remove the added text (sharpen/stabilize/focus) from the Sharpen AI generated file name, and then search for the original file location (Lightroom cataloged) using the browse path option. Is there an easier way to save a file back into Lightroom? I hope so because because the process I am using now is both time consuming and conducive to lost files (one character different from the Lightroom cataloged file name or an incorrect file location selected will result in a file unknown to the Lightroom catalog. Having the “save” option would eliminate this.

I know this as a stand alone program and not a plug in but with the plug ins all one has to do is hit the OK button.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

I believe save works fine, just displays the name in grey.

Thanks for the help and quick response. It took me longer to write the post then it took for you to answer it.

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When I use the “Edit in” command in Lightroom Classic using the “Edit a Copy”, the software creates a copy of the file and opens Topaz Sharpen AI. When the editing in the Topaz software is finished, I go to File then Save As (save is grayed out, I do not know why) and then a new popup windows open, and without changing the proposed name file and location I click on “Save”. The Topaz software saves the file but it fails to do two things (as i understand it should do).

  1. The most important is that the new copy of the file does not show in the Lightroom library. I have to import it in order to have access. The edited and renamed file appears in my File Explorer in the correct folder, but Lightroom does not include it in the library.

  2. A nuisance. The Topaz software does not close and makes Lightroom the active software.

I am doing something wrong in the workflow?

Save is not grayed out just highlighted. Note that the preview has to updated before it can be saved as this confirms the settings are right.

Just do the following:

  • Send the image to Sharpen AI
  • Adjust the parameters and update the preview in if you have that set to manual
  • Select File-> Save or press Ctrl+S