Sharpen AI removes blue

Hi all - when shooting a bird on a branch against a blue sky - and I use Sharpen AI - it works fine but removes the blue out of the sky - any idea why?

Conversely when shooting landscapes it darkens the image and removes highlights.

While I have no problem with the latter, the removal of the blue from the sky is a problem.

Can any of you advise please?

This never happened to me when I used Sharpen AI as Photoshop plugin. But it did happen when I used it as a standalone program and forgot to retain the original color profile of the image saving it.

thanks for that - I have tried all the different outputs - but it is only happening when the image is uploaded to Sharpen AI - BUT - I think I have found the problem. If it is a Canon R6 CR3 RAW file it will do this - but will not so it to a Canon CR2 RAW file - so obviously some sort of glitch in the program.

Thanks to the support team - this will be all sorted next update - thanks for the help guys