Sharpen AI processing time

I’m new to Sharpen AI. I’m trying to understand what ‘drives’ processing time.

Of course I realize that there’s only so much muscle available in the system. Faster GPU with plenty of memory should improve speed.

And of course more pixels means more to have to consider/calculate.

What else about an image contributes to the time it takes to process?
The overall amount of things in the image? Edges vs surfaces?

Recent 6000 x 4000 photos of azaleas are taking just under 2 minutes for full save operation.
Example settings: Focus, S:71, N:46

It sounds as if you have preferences set to CPU, which is a lot slower. I just tested a similar size image (on a 2019 MacBook Pro), to correct motion blur. GPU took 18", whilst CPU took 2’05". Some people think CPU results are better, but I have not found that to be the case with the latest version of Sharpen AI.