Sharpen AI no longer opens

I am blown away by the absolute vacuum in support. It is the worst ever. Sharpen AI no longer opens. For 3 days I heard nothing but a partial reply I can’t access.

I can no longer handle the lack of support. I want all my money back for all the Topaz products I’ve purchased.

Note that this is a user to user forum.

Would you like to provide information that is relevant to your issue? It would help to at least have the
following info:

  • CPU/RAM,
  • Operating System and version of Sharpen AI
  • GPU/vRAM
  • Any changes that were made to your PC just before Sharpen AI stopped working.

Note also that Chat support is only available during working hours so you should submit an eMail.

I didn’t know it until this morning. My hosting company had put on their black list. It’s only happened once before in a decade, so I wasn’t looking at that.

I’m sorry for being an asshole. I’m not entirely sane. It’s been bad since Meniere’s disease took most of my hearing and balance a little over a decade ago.

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