Sharpen Ai export in wrong color profile

When I export a 16bit TIF file with ProPhotoRGB (ROMM) color profile embedded from Topaz Sharpen & DeNoise Ai it has changed to sRGB color profile. I cannot find a setting where I can control this so that the original ProPhotoRGB (ROMM) is kept. Where is that setting?


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In the Save as dialog there is an option to change the color space. If you use retain input parameters make sure that the input image has the ProPhoto color space.

I solved the problem by opening the app first and then open the image via the Open function instead of right-click on the image and choose Open With… command (like I always did before). Now I have the options to make sure the right colour space is chosen in the Save dialog. For some reason I have to uncheck the ”Preserve Input Settings” button in Denoise app in order to access the manual settings for the colour profile. If I don’t, it will save the file in sRGB profile even though the imaged was initially opened with the ProPhoto profile embedded. In Sharpen app I have to choose Preserve Source Format and then TIF in order to access the controls of the colour profile, otherwise it will automatically save with a sRGB colour profile regardless of initial embedded profile. I wish it behaved the same way Topaz PhotoAi behaves which is saving automatically in the same format and colour space as the input image. That is more logical and straight forward, I think. /Thanks for a very fast replay!