Sharpen AI Downloading Optimized Model File

I have had performance issues all along with Sharpen and with DeNoise AI also. But recently I am being prompted in Sharpen Ai to download the optimized model file, when i try to use a different model on a photo. It takes forever to download only 134mb. But aside from that it also seems to be requesting the download the file each time. As in I had downloaded the model for “Out of Focus” previously and then was prompted to do it again when I opened a new photo for processing in AI. I opened Sharpen AI and downloaded all models prior to opening the most recent photo. And again it prompted me to download the model files again.


have you figured out what was going on? i also have this issue and the download takes forever. and repeats itself all the time.

I’m glad it’s not just me. I came here looking for an answer to this. I’ve spent most of the afternoon trying to get the trial of this program installed, and now that it is actually installed, I keep getting told that the model file. And the 134 MB file takes an hour to download!

Looking forward to some resolution. At least I haven’t purchased the program yet!

Even if I just change the zoom from 100% to 200% the program downloads the file again,

Same happening here. Too many repeats of Downloading 134MB Model File.

On a batch, Sharpening AI sometimes will show (in red under a batch file) AIENGINE_LOAD_FAIL

Just purchased 4 apps from them, i can’t seem to be able to work offline, which is a killer while you on the go/outdoors + the download loop that never stop asking to download those model files.

IS there no response from Topaz ? or anyone else?