Sharpen AI doesn't install Lightroom Classic plugin

I’m just trying Sharpen AI for the first time. When I launched Sharpen, it automatically installed the photoshop plugin, but it made no mention of lightroom at all. The plugin doesn’t exist in the proper menus now in Lightroom, and doesn’t show up in the plugin manager at all either. None of the support documentation seems to apply. For instance, the “reset your plugin in Lightroom” documentation tells me to go delete an “edit in” preset that doesn’t exist in my installation, since it never got set up.

I’m using Lightroom Classic 13.0.1 on MacOS Sonoma 14.1.2

I have the exact same issue on Windows 11.

Lightroom Classic 13.0.1
Windows 11 Pro

I just upped my subscription and downloaded Sharpen AI, DeNoise AI, and Gigapixel AI to install on my new photo editing PC. The plugins do not show up in the LrC Plugins Extras menu nor do they show up in the Presets. The LrC plugins manager says to point to a .lrplugin file. I cannot find any such file in the install directories for the Topaz plugins.

Update: Photo->Edit in plugin has the plugins. (This is really confusing – 3 different places the plugins could be?) It opens a TIFF or JPEG copy in an external editor and then reimports the edited version into Lightroom. Pretty clunky, and it doesn’t match the online instructions that I found. Furthermore, it gives the option to open the file in PSD (much preferred) but when you open the tool, it says PSD is an unsupported type. Very disappointed in the quality of the integration with such a standard tool as LrC.

I have the same problem. Topaz Sharpen plugin doesn’t work after installing Photo Ai.