Sharpen ai crashes on save as

Just installed new version of sharpen ai, but if I try to save as, and change the file to save to, the program crashes. Using win 10 pro, sharpen in stand alone mode

Are you running as a standalone or called from another program.

If you are changing the file name, what are you changing it to.

Stand-alone . And not changing file name, changing file saving location.

Changing the file save location?

Usually you select the location from the Save as dialog if you don’t want the default and you have to select the folder.

That’s what I did. And as soon as I selected my file dave location the program crashed and closed .

I tested that and don’t see it happening, two things you can do;

  • Check that you have read/write access to that directory, in properties, security
  • go the Help-> Graphics info, press copy and paste the info here.

Also let me know what are the settings under Performance in Preferences. Should be something like this:

Btw sharpen ai works fine as a plug in for photoshop. It only crashes as a stand alone.i

Please open as a standalone, go to Help-Graphics info and press Copy then paste the info here.