Sharpen AI crashes my system

Nothing new but really frustrating. When I chose my video card in Preferences/Performance/AI Processor the system crashes when Sharpen AI stars working with the picture. Nothing else I can do. Restart the system and change the choice one more time to CPU in Preferences. That choice slow the process time too much. Be patient Joan…

My system Windows 10 64 bits always up to date.
My graphics card Radeon RX 590 Series with drivers always up to date.
I tried install - uninstall - refresh installation … all you can imagine.

Just waiting for a final release that works fine as very previous versions. And please no more payments as the new release works fine with all systems configurations.

Joan Roca

Make sure your GPU drivers are up to date from the AMD website.

One more time, my drivers are up to date, from AMD website. Don’t fool me, please.
Sorry but the problem is Topaz Sharpen AI not the drivers, all are up to date, also the OS.

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I’m not ‘fooling’ you, in your first post you didn’t say from the AMD website. Raise a support request at the main website. Make sure you actually include the logs, find them under the Help menu, and the actual error from the Event Manager.