Sharpen AI, artifacts when using gpu acceleration

I seem to be getting artifacts when using gpu acceleration, these do not appear when using only the cpu for processing. The artifacts also appear in the preview view.

An example:
original file:
using cpu:
using gpu:

This happened with the previous version I used and the current version.

There’s vertical artifacts on the higher contrast areas, this happens on all the images I’ve tried. I’ve tested this on 3 different Windows 10 desktops and a laptop, all show the artifacts when using gpu acceleration (with nvidia gtx 770, gtx 1060, amd 6770 and laptop nvs 4200m). There appears to be no such artifacts when using any of the computers when using only the cpu to process images.

I posted a ticket to request support on this issue over a manth ago, they acknowledged that they could reproduce the issue and would be passed on to the developement team to look at, heard nothing back since and it is still and issue with the current build.

As it stands the gpu accelerated feature is only useful when there are very few high contrast edges which show these artifacts.

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