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Been using Sharpen AI for a few weeks…in that time it’s been updated once or twice?

Anyway, is the AUTO button new? But in any case, when I click on it, nothing seems to happen. It IS clickable (my cursor changes to the pointing hand when I hover over it)…but then nothing happens.


The three sliders…“Remove Blur”, “Suppress Noise”, and “Add Grain”…they are moving by themselves…if I zero them out (and why are they NOT zeroed to begin with?), and then switch back and forth between two processing modes, the sliders are no longer at zero…so I have to double click each one (and wait for the additional processing each time).

After I render each of the three processing modes, I like to click back and forth to see which mode I like, but the way it is now, with the sliders moving by themselves, that’s impossible.

What is going on?


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Partially answered my question. I see if I zero out the sliders, and then hit AUTO, the sliders move.

OK…so now the question is, how do I turn auto OFF? I want the darn sliders to stay put.



When you first open an image, Sharpen AI does an assessment of the image and places the sliders at a suggested starting point for that image and the chosen Processing mode. You can reposition the sliders manually to where ever you want, and as long as you then don’t click on Auto, or change the mode, they will stay where you put them. There is no way to stop the initial auto assessment.

For comparison, Denoise AI has a Reset button but that doesn’t reset the sliders to zero, but rather to a program default 0.15 on both sliders. If you have manually positioned the sliders in Sharpen AI, then the Auto button acts like a reset in that it returns the sliders to the suggested starting point.


So it sounds like there is no way to turn auto OFF? Why did they add a function that can’t be turned off?

This, to me, is a HUGE problem. My workflow is:

  1. to try each of the three processes, adjusting sliders here and there.

  2. Once that’s done, switch quickly back and forth between the three processes so as to do a “side-by-side” comparison (be nice if we could have one screen where all three processes are ACTUALLY displayed side-by-side).

  3. Choose one and apply it to the entire image.

The way it is now, with the new auto function, is each time I switch back to a previous process, the auto function moves my sliders from where I had them, meaning my image is GONE (plus it’s updating/processing, which means a huge wait to get the sliders back to where I placed them).


I guess it is there so you can re-align with AUTO processing because it is an AI app. The workaround is to turn off the Automatically Update Preview and reset to your liking.

I have moved your post to Product Feature Requests category for consideration.

Even if Automatically Update Preview is set to No, when you close an image the two sliders revert to a 0.50 default setting and then when another image is opened the sliders immediately change to the same settings as would be the case if Auto was clicked on. The only difference is that the preview itself is not updated.


Don…what Greyfox said… :slight_smile:


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