Sharpen AI 4.1.0 - Dragging file from lightroom produces a huge color cast and cannot apply changes to original raw file

I’m trying to use Topaz Sharpen AI 4.1.0 to sharpen an out of focus image and when I drag it from Lightroom into Topaz Sharpen AI icon, it opens the image but does so with a huge magenta color cast.

Also, I see the image gets sharpened ok in Sharpen AI, but if I try to apply the changes into the original image, no changes are applied.

I’m on a Macbook Air M2.

Here’s a screenshot:

Is there anything I can do to try and solve these issues?

I forgot to mention that this is a .CR3 Canon Raw file from a Canon EOS R6 Mk II.

There is no way in the world that Sharpen AI will overwrite a RAW file. Use Edit in from LR and send a TIFF with LR edits applied.

Hi. Thanks for your reply.

From what I understood from some tutorial videos I saw in youtube there are two ways to open a file from Lightroom in MacOS:

1 - drag the image from Lightroom into Topaz Sharpen AI icon. This will open the image (in this case a raw .CR3 file) in Topaz Sharpen AI.

2 - select the image in Lightroom and then use Edit in. This will convert the image into TIFF, and then send that TIFF into Topaz Sharpen AI.

If I do 2, then the image gets imported correctly into Sharpen AI (i.e. no color cast), but it looks that I get a much better sharpening effect when using option #1, than when using option #2. So I would prefer to start with the Raw file rather than a tiff.

So how do I do that without the color cast you can see in the example? I can then save it into another fomat after it is sharpened, but what I’m really concerned with is the color cast when opening the raw file.

I believe the processing recommended by Topaz Labs is listed here. What you are doing is no different to dragging from the finder.

Lightroom link in the User Quick Start Guide: