Sharpen AI 3.3.3 is gosh dang SLOW

I have a Microsoft Surface 7 laptop, and have Sharpen/Denoise/gigapixel, all around 2 years old at this point I guess.

I definitely use Sharpen the most. 95% of my use. When I first got them, the experience was great. Images would process in maybe less than a minute, if my memory serves me.

Then an update happened (not sure which one) and since then, Sharpen is TERRIBLY slow. Like, it’s not uncommon for it to take 12-20 minutes per image. If I have a folder of 30 or so, I walk away for MANY HOURS because my computer grinds to a halt, and it takes forever to complete.

Are newer versions faster? Is Photo AI worth looking at? The demo doesn’t allow you to save, so I can’t tell what the processing time may be.

My computer specs:

Current version of Sharpen is 4.1.0… You should upgrade…

I suspect also that your PC is underpowered in the GPU as you only have 120MB of dedicated memory and the rest is shared RAM. It is specified as minimum of 2GB of dedicated RAM.

Check with Topaz Support about your system specs. You can raise a support request at the main website.