Sharpen AI 2.2.4 does not open ACR 13.2 enhanced .dng

PC, Windows 10 Pro, AMD 5700 XT.
Adobe ACR 13.2 incorporates their version of “super resolution”. It generates a .dng file. I attempted to open one for sharpening… No error display, but nothing opened. Just sits there with no previews.

2021-03-21-22-03-56-Main.tzlog (22.9 KB) 2021-03-21-22-03-56-QML.tzlog (18.4 KB)

I suspect that that is a Propriety Adobe 32bit floating point DNG as their Lightroom HDR images are. Raise a support request at the main website and upload your image to a file sharing site so they can evaluate it.

I’m guessing that by now engineering, and hopefully support, are aware that neither Denoise nor Sharpen AI are very happy with these files. They’ve got to have people that use Photoshop at least a little bit, and can run a raw file so they have everything they need fiddle with it.

Nothing to do with RAW files, it is a proprietary modification to the DNG specification by Adobe to use Floating Point data.

I’m a little curious… There seems to be a lot of defensiveness when a problem gets reported. It’s a problem. Adobe Camera Raw creates it. Topaz Denoise doesn’t seem to be able to use it. Beyond that, I don’t much care. I’m reporting it. If Topaz wants to fix it, great. If not, screw it.
Arguing some minuscule semantic point about exactly what it is or isn’t, doesn’t matter at all to me. It’s happening, Topaz can do something or not.

There is no defensiveness as this is a user to user forum, I asked you to report it to support to get their opinion and I mentioned what type of file it may be. It is NOT a RAW file as a RAW file contains sensor data from a camera.

Also forgot to mention of you need to process in Topaz products, save it as a TIF/TIFF from PS in the meantime.

Edit: or you could call the Sharpen AI plugin from PS.