Sharpen AI 2.1 doesn't work w/Nikon Z7 RAW

Sharpen AI 2.1 doesn’t work w/Nikon Z7 RAW. I also have a Z6 and the same thing happens on the Z6 RAW files. The files open, but I just get colored lines across the screen or open file. JPG’s open just fine. Unfortunately, it installed over version 2.0.

Please advise :slight_smile:

I don’t believe the version of LibRAW used supports the Z7/Z6 models but to be sure ask a question in a support request at the main website.

thank you for your response :slight_smile:

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If find it is best not to use RAW, but rather TIFF files. Sharpen AI RAW processing isn’t the best IMO. Does a terrible job with Olympus RAW files.