Sharpen 2.2.2 crashes

Has worked well…until today…using iMac Mojave (10.14.6)

Now crashes (several times) when dragging in photo.

Ran uninstaller and then installer…but still crashes.


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Seems strange if you haven’t updated anything, have nothing different running at the same time. Where are you dragging the image from and what type of image is it?

Is there any error message?

If logging is on go to the logging folder from the help menu and upload here or save to a file sharing site and post the link here.


When installing Acrobat Pro 2 wks ago, I had to reinstall both Sharpen and DeNoise and then they worked fine until yesterday…with Sharpen crashing.

I’m dragging in iPhoto JPG images from a desktop folder. And by the way, these same JPGs will copy and work in DeNoise.

I rebooted and closed programs…still crashing.

Yes…I get a long arcane error message.

The error msg and Logs can be viewed here: (I hope)

Thanks for helping.

I think that in this case you need to raise a support request at the main website. Do all apps have full permissions for that folder because Sharpen AI needs to update the image edited as it will act as a plugin when dragged from finder.