Sharing my tries with Iris 3 (new LQ)

Just to say : Guys (Topaz team) , you made an amazing job with iris 3 !!

testing further, but for 576i to 1080p , it appears that i should be able to replace my previous workflow (upsqle to 1080p with iris1-auto-100% recover + second pass with proteus3-100% recover) to a single new workflow : iris3-auto-20% recover → for a better result and faster treatment !

please someone else try the new iris LQ for SD or low quality video, and share your thoughts !

PS : for me the new proteus is not good enough (still artifact like bumps in lighted part of picture) , nd the Iris MQ still no go.

I think if you have a very good quality source in a good resolution like full HD and you only upscale very little then Proteus V4 makes a great job. In other cases I prefer Iris MQ.

yep, for 720p or upper.

but for some 480->576 , you can compare, also with Dione.

Which Topaz Video AI version has Iris v3 model? Latest Topz Video AI 4.1.2 doesn’t have it.

Iris v3 is called Iris Low Quality (v2) in TVAI UI.
Up to v4.09 the Iris Low Quality was Iris v1, the original Iris initial release.
Starting from v4.10, the Iris Low quality you see in the UI, is what you are referring to as being Iris v3.