Several Sharpen models will not upload

Some of the models will not work with Sharpen. I get the message: “Error loading model, please try again.” I’ve tried reinstalling Topaz Sharpen AI, rebooting the computer, turning off any programs that could interfere with downloading files. I’ve even filled the folder tgrc with the downloadable files without success from Topaz. Any suggestions?

I got it fixed with great help from Simmy Wilson, a Support Specialist, Topaz Labs:

  1. Un-install: Open Finder > go to your Applications folder > Topaz Labs LLC. Move the entire Topaz Sharpen AI folder, if there’s one, to the trash. Also, delete “Topaz Sharpen AI” from your Applications folder if it’s still there

  2. Important: delete your ‘’plist’’ files of Sharpen AI. For your reference, here is: How To Delete Your Plist Files.

  3. Re-install

Also, if you use Lightroom and Photoshop please make sure that they are closed before installing. Once installed, please open Sharpen AI as a standalone first before trying it with Lightroom and Photoshop.