Set manual number of frames for auto settings

I believe in Auto settings, TVAI checks every 8 frames to auto-set the parameters.
This slows down processing greatly. Can we have a manual setting for this, or possibly change it “scene change” as a trigger for auto settings.
I am working on a project to upscale DVD to FHD. With manual settings in Proteus I get about 40+ frames/s. Using Auto, the speed drops to just over 20 frames/s.

I’m voting for this because I know I can change the amount in the CLI. It would be nice if everyone could change it too. (Vote for your own idea. :upside_down_face:)

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do tell please.

Then Show Export Command.

It can be 0 to 1e+06

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$ ffmpeg -h filter=tvai_up

tvai_up AVOptions:
   model             <string>     ..FV....... Model short name (default "amq-13")
   scale             <int>        ..FV....... Output scale (from 0 to 4) (default 1)
   w                 <int>        ..FV....... Estimate scale based on output width (from 0 to 100000) (default 0)
   h                 <int>        ..FV....... Estimate scale based on output height (from 0 to 100000) (default 0)
   device            <int>        ..FV....... Device index (Auto: -2, CPU: -1, GPU0: 0, ...) (from -2 to 8) (default -2)
   instances         <int>        ..FV....... Number of extra model instances to use on device (from 0 to 3) (default 0)
   download          <int>        ..FV....... Enable model downloading (from 0 to 1) (default 1)
   vram              <double>     ..FV....... Max memory usage (from 0.1 to 1) (default 1)
   estimate          <int>        ..FV....... Number of frames for auto parameter estimation, 0 to disable auto parameter estimation (from 0 to 1e+06) (default 0)

And see Command Line Interface | Topaz Video AI.

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Thanx. A good shortcut, not requiring to learn the whole CLI shebang.