Selective face recovery & Photo AI vs. Gigapixel

Hi I am on Topaz AI 3.0.1

I am working mainly to upscale images of portraits.
I noted a common behavior that the face recovery may improve some parts and degrade some other. For example, the texture of the lips are usually degraded, and sometimes I have to push the face recovery because there are some bad or nasty artifacts. so mainly I save a version with small or no face recovery and one with a high amount and then blend these 2 images in photoshop.

would be possible to have a selective face recovery function? or at least have a mask selection of where to apply the face recovery?

also, I am not sure I have found what are the differences in terms of upscaling and face recovery between gigapixel and photo AI. I purchase the latter based on the assumption that every function of gigapixel AI is in photo AI as well (due to the difference of price). is this assumption correct? Checking the gigapixel forum, i may be mistaken, but I read about some functionalities I am not finding in photo AI (like gamma correction etc.)

thank you.

Thanks for the idea and suggestion regarding Face Recovery and possible features! Make sure that you do not forget to vote for your idea :slight_smile:

I will note that many of the new updates to Gigapixel are built on the Topaz Photo AI interface and has been released in order to allow more users of all photographic backgrounds to access this wonderful technology.

More information:

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