Selecting "Visit Topic" in Forum Email Notification Results In "Page Not Found"

Whenever I get an email notifying me of a comment on an image I have posted, if I select the View Topic in the email I get directed to a Page Not Found. Here’s a screenshot…

Has anyone else noticed this?

Hi Mike,

Doesn’t look like you are being directed to the forum? Can you post the contents of the email please.

It’s 23:23 here in the UK. I will do it in the morning

Hi there

Two attachments. First one is a screenshot of the email with the mouse hovering over the “Visit Topic” link. Second one is the “Page Not Found”

08:15 and good morning. I tried responding to your email last nigh with two attachments, which should in theory my response to this forum post. Doesn’t seem to be working.

So here are two screenshots. First one is of the email I received. I’ve hovered over the “Visit Topic” so that I can capture where the link is to

The second one is the page that I am directed to when I click the link


Ooops! Looks like the email reply is just a tad slow…

Something has happened over night. I have just tried clicking on several notifications that I have received by email late yesterday and this morning (UK Time) and all of them are working correctly.

But I think @JoeFedric-TL answers this here

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My guess is that Joe is working, tweaking and putting things back together as time permits.


Yep, this is true!

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