Searching for right filters

Hi everyone,
I really wish that is easy answer to my dilemma but I’m afraid there is no easy answer.
topaz video AI it’s awesome program no doubt about it.
But for me the most difficult part is to find write filters to apply for upscaling the video.
I have spent already hours and hours trying To find Write combination of the filters but without any Succeeding.
I have videos 1280x720 with 25FPS And I’m trying to upscale to 1920 by 1080, Little bit more to be sharp and bring some detail up, Everything that I try so far is not good enough. It’s either too much or not enough.
What I’m asking is if anybody can give me some idea so I don’t have to spend Hours and hours trying different filters and on the end nothing.
some kind of input how you guys doing it?
Thank you very much
Daniel Ocko