Scrolling in Effect Panel

Minor thing, it would be much better if you could scroll down the presets in the effect panel faster using the mouse wheel. It would be nice if for every “click” in the scroll mouse the presets would move down 1 to 4 images at a time. Possibly even having a modifier key to adjust just how fast you scroll with the mouse wheel would be nice.

My index finger gets sore trying to use the mouse wheel to scroll down all those options in the effect panel


I wonder if this is a setting for your mouse within the computer as my mouse wheel does scroll through the effects panel. I can also click on the wheel and move the presets down. Perhaps look at your computer settings and see if there is something you can do there.

I’m using a Logitech M310 mouse which has tactile notch indicators.
Under the control panel system mouse settings (pc win7) I have the Wheel Bump scroll setting at 3 lines per notch.
I can increase this, but then it would become too much/fast for my other programs.
Currently one full move of my finger across the wheel is about 5 notches and that results in the effects panel list moving up 3/4 of a picture. This is WAY too slow and makes my finger sore also.

I have a M185 wireless and scrolls fine … if your using Win 10 use mouse settings similar to this …


I am using Windows 10 with the same mouse settings as you but am using a Microsoft wireless mouse. I, of course, went into settings as you have indicated before posting to see if my mouse settings would solve the problem. But as Randy Reid has articulated, it takes way too much movement of the wheel to move thru the pictures. Additionally, the scroll bar is too sensitive to move thru the pictures one by one. Hoping these observations will make the product even better for all your users.

My wireless mouse is a Logitech Performance MX, and I can confirm results similar to @MRFOD and @RJRREID regardless of mouse settings in the Windows 10 control panel. The saving grace for me is that I toggle the wheel between free-wheeling or notched, and giving the wheel a quick spin at least gives an “impression” of faster scrolling through the presets.

My mouse is a Logitech ‘anywhere’ mouse and it works superbly with no sore fingers. I (as an ignoramus as far as writing code is concerned) would doubt it would be possible for Topaz to write code to control your mouse.