Scene specific settings

Allow the user to identify numerous segment/scenes of the clip to which they can assign different settings, thereby eliminating the current need for chop-process-concatenate workflow. Examples: Motion Deblur for just the segments that need it. No more iris-generated zombie eyes in wide shots. This feature would include drag-n-drop user presets from a side bar to the segment.

How would that work as the program uses frames from before and after (bluntly) to ‘assess’ it’s individual model’s changes. Hence the shitty mixed overlapped frames at edits/cuts in continuous video when using several models and/or frame rate change. It made several videos unusable. BUT if it could be automatically used at analysing ‘cut’ points, as you have sort of suggested, where it would ‘revert’ to a non- destructive model for that ‘junction’ then we are certainly onto something!

I’m thinking that resolution, frame-rate changes would not be allowed. Mostly focused on Motion Deblur and Enhancement.

Topaz does have plans to add support for this sort of workflow. Most of the Beta testers are pleading with them to work it into an existing user interface—instead of making yet another one.

I also agree that frame rate and resolution changes should not be allowed with this workflow. I don’t know of any video codes that support that.

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