Scarcity of Replies

I’ve been a member of a number of photo sites, and it would seem that this Topaz forum seemingly lacks photographers and others who have something to say about the posted images.
We should all realize that it’s constructive commentary that makes us better photographers.

Than ks,
Martin Hack

I’ve been a member of this forum for several years. It used to have a lot more activity. However, I believe much of that activity has shifted to the Topaz FaceBook site. I can’t confirm that as I do not have a FB account.

Hence your correct observation on the lack of activity. I’ll admit that this lack does suppress my motivation to participate beyond the occasional likes and sharing of images. I guess the draw of FB and InstaGram et al is just too powerful. :frowning:

It also seems like the biggest, most in-depth discussions center around problem reporting, complaints, and especially the change in upgrade policy. That is unfortunate, since there are quite a few folks that have shared nice images here regularly as well as demonstrating some really interesting techniques and workflows using the Topaz software of old, i.e. pre-AI stuff and those apps that don’t have AI versions yet.

Anyway, I agree. And I’d sure like to see things change back to the “busy” old days…

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Most of the CC’ing is done at the Topaz Groups on fb. Since AI came along, this site has become really the preserve of the more techie user.

I don’t have the view that FB is a healthier platform for Topaz users, there’s a lot of whinging goes on there that, let’s say, is not so well informed as it should be. OK, whinging happens on this forum, too, but it is at least better informed and more constructive.

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My aim here is to try to get some constructive criticism re posted photos, rather than simple “likes”.
People who post should welcome real comments,

My recent attempt to reply to photographs has been harsh rejected by the one who posted so I would not try that again I am afraid.

Scott, I agree with you. I will still not join the FB or instagram.

I would definitely like to see more constructive criticism (CC) discussions on the site.

My primary aim in participating on any photography forum is to learn things that help me make better images. CC can be a good learning experience for all involved, not just the critiqued but the critique-er and those just listening in. We have to learn how to critique just like we learn anything else. I think this plays some role in the lack of such discussions as people may be feel unqualified to or intimidated by the idea of critiquing others images.

Of course this is another reason…

best regards

Yeah, that makes sense. And, that’s me; I’ll fess up to being a techie user. :grinning:

Hence my disappointment that there’s so much less techie discussions on the forum these days. I quite like learning about other folks workflows and post processing techniques.

Best regards

I think that if you ask for constructive critiques you will get it, simply put I haven’t seen any posts asking in a long while.

Good point Don.

Most of the time, what I see is “comments welcome” mentioned somewhere in post. Which isn’t really the same as explicitly asking for constructive criticism.

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