Saving settings

How can I save my current settings (that includes noise, sharpen, strength , detail, clarity) to replace Autopilot settings?

Hi @ron.murray, unfortunately, there is not a way to save settings in Topaz Photo AI – any adjustments will need to be made manually with each image if you are not using autopilot, but there is a copy and paste ability if you wish to use the same settings across multiple photos in your queue.

Weird that there is no option for this? This would be a huge time-saver, especially working on multiple images over an extended time period… if you don’t make notes or a screenshot, you’re flummoxed.

Yes weird, This would be a huge time-saver. (hint, wink wink Topaz) :pray:


Hi, is there still no solution for this? I am testing thousands of images divided in a couple of hundred batches for an archiving company.
How on earth could we use this software if there is no even a preset option?
Topaz should clearly mention this when purchasing the software. Like this it seems like the software is aimed at the amateur market… Not a good look.

Please don’t post the same thing in multiple topics - once is enough. I’ll remove the duplicates.

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I only posted 3x in the appropriate topics… Because this is a real issue.
I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Is Topaz worried too many people would start asking the same question?

Duplicate posts are not allowed.

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They were not duplicated I rephrased every time.

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Be as pedantic as you like - they all said essentially the same thing, and it’s against the rules.

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Well if you would be on the customer’s side of things you would understand the frustration that after buying a software, not even the settings can be saved. Topaz should mention that before letting people buy their software. Every other photo software has this basic option.

Well I am a customer actually. Did you take the option of the free trial before buying?

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Yes, and we were all overwhelmed with the amazing results. Until you have to use it in an actual work environment…

@OldAlley I’m glad you like the results of the processing.

We’re working on the functionality to do presets and customize Autopilot. It’s expected to be released September 7 with v2.0.

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Thanks for helping us uphold the forum rules!

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I was wondering if there is any chance of a setting to decide the percentage of adjustment applied in relation to the original image, keeping some of it intact. Sometimes the results go too far and I have to recombine it, reduce the adjustment against the original in Photoshop. Thanks.

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@tim.he Hey just bought Topaz because of its amazing results. It’s fantastic, but I have to say I wish motion blur sharpening was the default. It’s by far the best choice for pretty much any hand held photo. I don’t really need sharpening on anything taken with flash or a tripod!

It would be great to have autopilot use the models that I prefer, rather than choosing its own. I’m happy letting it set the amounts itself for a first pass, but it’s tedious to have it scan the image, run a few passes, then decide which model it likes, then run them all… and then I have to change them anyway. I’ll probably turn autopilot off til this is available.

It really is a great product. This is just a minor inconvenience. Thanks for all you do!

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We appreciate the kind words and insights!

We’re working on the functionality to better customize the Autopilot defaults to your liking. This is expected to be released on September 7 with v2.0!

Hi, has been released in the product this features?