Saving Presets in Impressions 2

I have setup a preset in Impression 2, and I want to be able to share it with my other computer, I have in the past been able to add it to the community share option then load it on the second computer from the community option on the second computer, but I can’t seemed to do that anymore ??

So as I cannot for some reason share it onto the community sharing option, can I export it?? and if so how? Can I just copy it from one computer to another one? Thanks Jaime Dormer

Make sure you are logged in to the community.

I am aware of that, I cannot login to the community site via the Impressions menu, I can get into it from the website, Still need to know if I can copy the presets to a usb and transfer to another computer?

Please raise a technical support request at the link on the page header.

No you cannot copy individual presets to USB. You can try to copy the whole database from the data folder (cannot guarantee it will work), as you don’t mention what OS you use file locations are listed here:

Hi jaimedormer

Use the snipping tool is my best suggestion. Once you have set up your preset. You can then save it and use your settings to share. I don’t know of any other way.

@jaimedormer, can you create a preset, upload it to the Community, then provide us with the preset name? I’d like to see if your presets are being uploaded :slight_smile:

That is the problem, I cannot log into the community from the app

Please make sure you’re using the latest version from the Plugins Downloads Page. Then, reset your password form the My Account Login Page. If you are not prompted to login, first log out, then go back to the login page. You can select the Lost your password? link from here, and reset your password, which should allow you into the community.

Thanks, I will await your response!

I have managed to login from the app, so it may be OK, will try when I get back to the other PC, thanks

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Keep us updated!