Saving photo from Sharpen or Denoise AI

When I save from either Sharpen or Denoise AI the file name always has the suffix Sharpen or Denoise by default. If I change this file name to something else excluding this suffix the photo does not appear in the defined location (usually the source folder) however if I leave the file name as defined by default it does appear in the location I have selected.
I am obvious;ly missing something and sorry to be so dim but can anyone tell me:
a) is it possible to change the file name of a photo so it can be saved and
b) If so how?

It displays the original file name as part of the save process because it is easy to identify and you can provide a suffix. Note that you can change the actual name.




I have responded by email but what I was trying to do was save as ‘xxxxx.jpg’ without the denoise or sharpen suffix. If these suffixes are not included it doesn’t save as expected.

I have the 2.0.5 version of Topaz Sharpener AI. I have been opening my photos from Lightroom and have been able to make the desired corrections, but when I go to save the photo it doesn’t work (won’t save it). I have tried multiple file types and it won’t let me select “save as” from the file menu. How do I fix this? It’s ridiculous, I just bought this program like 2 weeks ago and I’m already having issues with it. I have only used 2 or 3 times so far.

Hi, when using as a plugin “Save as” is not available. The workflow supported by Lightroom is that the image passed to an external editor is updated on return. The Apply option will update the image and it will be reimported into Lightroom.