Save as in DeNoise AI batch mode

Hi all,
Is there a way to use “save as” in the new Batch Mode of Denoise AI? I’d like the ability to save a batch of images as dng.


I believe you can specify the output format.

But how?
When I click on “Start Batch Process,” the process starts without offering any options.
And I see no options for batch processing in the Preferences either.
Actually, I no longer see the Save As option with individual images. There’s just a Save button in the lower right of the interface and in the File menu item, there is no Save As option.
I’m using the Windows version on a Windows 10 machine.

For me it does offer Batch output Options:

Ok. I see that when I open multiple images by dragging tiff files into the program from a folder.

The option dialog does not come up when opening images from Lightroom though. When using “Edit in” from Lightroom, my raw files are processed out at tiffs and opened in DeNoise AI. When I click on “Start Batch Processing,” the processing begins without the Batch Output Options dialog opening.

Probably because it is being used as a plugin and the right way is to update the image passed so it remains in the catalog and complies with Lightroom processing rules.

If you want to retain a DNG export that from LR and run as a standalone.

Thanks. Not a big deal now that I see how it works. If I need to batch images output as dng, I’ll export from Lightroom first and run with the stand-alone Denoise AI and then just sync the new files back into Lightroom.

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