Save-As diaglog improvement and ETA display on top

Used Topaz from the beginning; great work.

But Video AI highlights a persistent and nagging irritation: hiding the source and destination file details behind “Preferences” and not having the basic file name and destination folder always visible or that info readily available with a hover.

Also: why not have an always-on display of the render ETA? alongside the display of the number of processed frames? After processing a few frames the software should have a reasonable estimate of the total time required, right?

Drives me nuts when one wants a quick check on processing status. Gotta be easy for you to do, right?

Again: Show the destination location on top and ETA

Returning after a long process, one naturally forgets where one sent the deliverable! – (Why? Because one may have over a dozen possible destination devices and fifty-plus TBs of local storage and many projects and dozens of working folders!)

Or perhaps upon completion show a recap or tally dialog on top with the vital statistics: source and destination, frame count, format info, and processing details.

Thanks, Mike