Save-As defaults in Studio

Is there a way of setting the defaults for saving a processed file when using Studio as a stand-alone program? It comes up as JPG, while I always use 16-bit Tiff. (Of course, this is not a problem when I launch Studio from Photoshop, but I’d like to use Topaz as a complete replacement for Adobe products.)

Just go into preferences and select the default save as format for RAW files …


thanks for the reply I can’t find preference where is it?

On a MAC it’s in the drop-down menu top left under Topaz Studio. Not sure about Windows.

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Edit -> Preferences

found it thanks

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I have the default Save As set to Tiff for RAW files, but when I load, edit and then try to save an image file ( File / Save As ), the box comes up set to JPG. I can change it, of course, but the point of a default is that I don’t have to do this. I’m using the Mac version 1.5.3.

This is only a default for RAW processing.

Perhaps I was unclear. I always start with RAW files:

I open and process a RAW file with Studio. When I save the resulting edited file, the Save-As menu defaults to JPG. I would like it to show Tiff as the default.

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Thank you for pointing this out. This is a bug, and has been noted for the development team to take a look at.

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Just to be clear I assume this bug is only on Mac as it is OK on Windows 10 for me?