Sandra Bullock

Using T studio Smudge and Remix along with some touch up in Affinity Photo.

One night in Austin, TX my wife and I went out to a Hibachi restaurant and something odd happened. We were led over to a Hibachi grill that normally seats about eight and there was one other couple there. In a bit, every other table was full except ours. The woman in the other couple looked like Sandra Bullock but she had shoulder length black hair. I knew that Sandra always had long brown hair so this woman couldn’t possibly be Bullock and anyway why would she be in Austin?

We made some small talk and had a great dinner. I later found out that Bullock had a house in Austin and then I found this picture of her with short black hair (rare). Did we have dinner with Sandra Bullock? I wish I would have told her she looked identical and saw her response.



I knew you hung out with celebrities …nice work Ron.

Excellent work.

Very cool!

Very nice portrait and fun story