San Remo dreaming

A couple of months ago Capture One Pro 11 was published. It now fully supports layers i.e. all available tools like exposure, saturation, high dynamic range, curves, levels, clarity, sharpen etc. etc. can be applied to a max. of 16 layers. Layer masks can now be refined and the opacity of layers can be adjusted. I really appreciate these additional options and have started to re-visit a lot of my RAW files. For the attached image I added 3 layers: one for the sky, one for the city and one for the buildings in the foreground (here I used some burning to make them less visible). I still call this ‘keeping it natural’ because this is how I remember the view at the time I was there.

Of course I still love my Topaz products and will use them frequently. Still CO is going from a RAW converter/asset management software towards a full image editor which I very much like. BTW I can ‘call’ Topaz Studio right from CO which works nicely.


Lovely light. I have been using Capture One going back to version 6 and am currently on version 10. I’m excited about the support of layers and tools in version 11, but have not yet pulled the string. And thank you for the tip on being able to call Topaz directly from C1. The combination of these two products provides a wonderful quiver to tools. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Thank you!

I use Paintshop Pro, Affinity and Topaz Studio mainly. All of them can be called directly from C1 which works fine with all.
Currently work with C1 styles (I purchsed their matte style pack). Even those you can apply selectively on a layer. I am really pleased with these additional features.