"S" Curve Flamingo

Processed using a variety of Topaz Filters and Gigapixel. Wondering if it is cropped too tight? Goal was the “S” curve prominence.


It works for me. Only compromised by the watermark possibly making it look a little cramped? imho

Thanks Shutterblade. I don’t necessarily disagree with you about the watermark. Most likely, before I print I will remove it. Mostly there for posting purposes.

I think the tight crop enhances the curve, looks great.

Good looking image …a little too tight for my taste.

Thanks, Artisan-West.

Thanks Bob. I’m a little worried about the crop myself.

I like the crop and the image too

Thank you ShazzyCo. Compare it to the one I just posted and let me know your thoughts.

Here’s another of the same with a wider canvas.
Tighter crop or this one?


@fotoman HArry, I prefer the first one … for me it is much more striking … if I was cropping I would possibly add some black negative space to the top and a little to the right … just a thought

Nice work Harry. For me the crop is too tight. With the dark background the bird will stand out anyways.

Part of my problem with this tight shot is I don’t have the room to add a little negative space. I guess I could use P.E. 15 to resize the canvas and try that.

Thanks Peter. I’m leaning to using the larger photo.

@fotoman, Harry I use Topaz Studio … I make a copy (duplicate of the image … on this image add a Color overlay (color it black and make sure it is … then add the original image as an image layer adjustment and you can size size this layer … might need to use a layer mask around the edges to blend in fully with black background. Ta-Da :slight_smile:

I will definitely try this technique. Thanks for the info.

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Well, I’m doing something wrong. Any suggestions?

This is before I “applied” the work.

I guess you need to click on the image to see the full frame.

Same shot done using ReMask and black background image. Does it look distorted to anyone?

Here is the final image I used for the club monthly competition. The theme was the “S” curve. I used mostly Topaz Filters on this shot within Photoshop Elements 15. This photo took first place in last night’s competition.