Russian Orthodox Church In Juneau


Very nice. That’s right around the corner from where I lived in the late 70s thru the mid-80s. I was the Episcopal Rector. (This was before the historic Holy Trinity Church was burned to the ground.) Juneau was a fabulous place to raise our kids (hiking and backpacking, ocean kayaking, fishing, etc.).


@john4jack - glad you liked it.

We loved our trip to Alaska, makes all 50 states now. What an interesting history you have - did it ever bother you that there was no way to drive in and out of Juneau to the rest of the state? Seems very odd for a state capital, but I found many such interesting facts about Alaska - truly a state different.

Flying was a way of life; it lost all of its romanticism/ For one Diocesan Convention, all of the delegates were flown into Kotzebue. Getting around SE Alaska was primarily by ferry.

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Nice work …

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Beautiful building. I think that your processing enhances the rainy feeling, or maybe that is just my imagination!

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