Run Topaz from a Thumb Drive vs. PC System Capabilities

I have a long-standing gripe with Topaz. According to their information I should not be able to run Topaz on this rather ancient laptop running W10 and/or 11. I have submitted my systems specs and was told so. Yet all three run with no problems. In the past I was told by Topaz that ‘they were surprised’ they would run.

  1. I believe Topaz should really delve into their platforms’ requirements/capabilities. They have told me that what I consider to be a ‘bug’ they consider to be a ‘requirement’ I have an even older PC that runs some but not all of the functionalities. If they could fix my (self-defined) bugs, I would guess they would increase their sales. How many photographers are willing to purchase a new computer just to determine whether Topaz fits their needs.
  2. In the above context, I am currently afraid to download Photo AI 3 because it could overwrite my current working version(s), including Gigapixel) and then not run. I would be out of luck at that point. (Perhaps it would not overwrite?)
  3. Hence my hope that I could install AI 3 to a thumb drive on this laptop, thus preserving my 3 working versions in the likely situation that AI 3 does not work. I did find some info on the internet indicating that it could run from a 16G thumb drive onto which I had installed W-11. I am not confident I could pull that off though.
  4. Grateful for any comments and/or advice.