Rudyard Kippled Here

…at Gallion’s Hotel, in the Royal Docks, London. Here was a hotel at the dock’s side. When returning from Africa, if he had missed the last train, Rudyard Kipling would spend the night, and travel onward by train in the morning. It is now a Pub :slight_smile:

I have used an art history brush technique (see this video set at Area 30% , Tolerance 0%, brush at Loose Medium, and a sequence of 21, 11 and 1 pixels. Then I used the Oil Paint filter inside CS6.

I converted it to Black and White 2 - a preset inside Topaz Clarity - and blended in Color Mode with the original. Some cloning and a small gradient at the bottom, I finished it using Topaz Studio Dramatic HDR, and a frame from ON1 Perfect FX.

Gallion’s Hotel” © Jack Torcello