RTX 4090 Founders Addition disappointing GPU usage

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on an RTX 4090. It is a phenomenal card for gaming and I was excited to see what kind of performance improvements I could get in Video Enhancement AI v3.0.0.0 over my former RTX3080ti. Well the results are disappointing to say the least. I have seen ZERO performance improvement over the 3080ti. The GPU usage is still at around 40-60% just like with the 3080ti and was measured using the MSI Afterburner. So if you are looking to upgrade to the RTX 40 series just for video enhancement I can say save your $$$. Topaz really need to better optimize their software for better GPU usage. Their optimization wasn’t very good on the RTX 30 series and seems like hasn’t been updated since the RTX 20 series.


I’m not sure by 100% but i think its a CPU and not GPU bottleneck.

Like with every Videoediting or Photoediting App the GPU is waiting for work because its so fast ready for the next image.

Set the Afterburner to 100ms readout to see what the GPU and CPU does.

The best GPU at the moment for single instance workloads is the 3070ti.

Is this in version 3.0 or 2.6?

According to what I have been told, Version 2.6 (TVEAI) wasn’t designed to use the Tensor cores for AI processing (it only used the GPU for floating point calculations, encoding and scaling, etc.). All the actual AI runs on the CPU.

In 3.0 (TVAI) the AI engine has been rewritten to use Tensor cores for AI processing.

I have been strictly using version 3.0.0 for like 2 weeks now. I did run same 720p video to test on 2.6.4 and 3.0.0. And the old version is a bit quicker but the file sizes end up much larger so I’m sticking with the 3.0. Hope they resolve the remaining bugs soon.