RTX 4070 Ti worth it?

Is the RTX 4070 Ti worth it? It’s price point is very attractive. I currently have a 3080 TI, which has more CUDA cores (10240 vs. 7680 for the 4070 Ti), but runs at almost 1 Ghz higher clock.

4070 Ti will have better Tensor cores, and uses considerably less power. I am primarily intered in TVAI performance, though.


if you are into 4 k gaming, yes! but if you want it only to speed up topaz video ai, no. :neutral_face:

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That is sad to hear. :frowning: But thx anyway.

Why do you say that?

Because the software itself is still very slow and far from being optimized to make use of the existing calculating power, so the money to power ratio is terrible still when it comes to just using topaz video ai I am afraid. :frowning:


It’s a mix. On one computer I have a Evga 3080ti, on another an MSI 4090
On certain nonlinear editors it makes a huge difference in render times. Not so much with Topaz video AI. It can depend on what “type” of processing you are doing with Topaz as well - and if you have the app initialized under GPU settings in both the 3D and display areas.
(Go to settings, search GPU, then follow the simple instructions to add apps. Set Topaz to render using the card high performance) the other quick add is using GeForce experience and adding the app to 3D settings. That makes quite a difference for some non linear editors.

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This is a useful tip, regardless. :slight_smile: Thanks.

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I have a 3070 and was looking at upgrading to 3090. Following

Personally, I think a RX 6900 XT would get you more out of TVAI. I think you need PCIe gen 4 or 5 to really make it fast. That’s more of a hunch though.

It also always depends on the CPU and RAM speed and the TVAI model, whether you can actually utilize a faster GPU. If your GPU is currently less than 90% utilized, then getting a faster GPU will make very little difference.

Saying that, there is currently a TVAI beta which accelerates processing up to x2 and utilizes the GPU much better than before. So it could be that GPU speed will make a bigger difference and will be less dependent on CPU+RAM speed after these optimizations.

I keep seeing people say RAM matters, but I have never seen proof of that. CPU matters for sure, but RAM…I doubt. GPU RAM, for sure.

Since I have a computer that has two different RAM sticks in it, I did a test. I took the slower sticks out. And well, I didn’t see any speed increase in TVAI. That being said, they were DDR3 sticks, and the computer has a GTX 1060 in it. A test on a more modern system would be more informative.

I was one of those people. :slight_smile: Not per se because TVAI needs so much, but simply, in a generic way, that the more RAM you have, the less crashes will occur (because of less swapping taking place).