RTX 3070 system unresponsive during render

I have a 5600xt and 5700xt and not really getting this issue, But my RTX 3070 on a Ryzen 5800 becomes unresponsive while encoding. This is especially true when using Dione Robust. I have pulled memory back but it didn’t help. I am also using RDP to this server. I have tried a bunch of RDP policy setting but none have helped. At one point I had it in a state where it was responsive but the speed was cut in half. Anyone know what to do about this?

Turning power limit to 60 percent in msi afterburner seems to have resolved the issue. Frame rate only dropped from 23 to 20, so from an efficiency perspective this is very good. My power consumption dropped 30-40 percent while my fps loss was 1-2 percent and I can now control my pc again in RDP

Maybe its 15% but a lot less than power consumption

Just a hunch: I think the Ryzen 5800 is getting completely loaded. I guess you would only be able to tell if you were to be able to put the RTX 3070 on a system with a more powerful CPU.