Rotation issues in Topaz DeNoise

Topaz DeNoise 3.6.2, LR 6.1.4, Windows 10.

I edit in Topaz DeNoise within LR, file is saved and shows up in LR as expected. All seems file UNTIL I try to sync brushes (healing, cloning, adjustment brushes) from original NEF file to the TIFF file. (I don’t do these edits until DeNoise is applied as Topaz suggests doing DeNoise first before any adjustments).

LR/Topaz thinks the two files are different orientations and so everything is misaligned. E.g. brush on short edge of NEF photo applies the stroke to the long edge of the TIFF photo.

I’ve already submitted support ticket but hope someone else has encountered this. I hope there is simple solution to this as I can’t use RAW option due to other issues (in another support ticket today) so must use TIFF option for now.

Thank you.