[ROTATE 90*] - Image rotation

I am not sure if I am being dim, but is there a Canvas Rotation button that I am missing?

I use PhotoAi and many of the other TOPAZ tools commercially - infrequently but gratefully. Amazing, genuinely useful products which are clearly taking continuous work by a dedicated team, so thanks.

I pulled in an old photo of my daughter from 15 years ago just to try v1.30 and the Portrait image is sitting twisted 90° to the right. This isn’t a huge issue but makes eyeballing the result a bit of a pain in the neck! I expect the rotation control to be in the lower screen area where the % sliders and view options are, but I am not seeing it.

If it exists and I am missing it then feel free to call me out on this, otherwise a fairly obvious omission which would be easy to correct.

John M.

Hello John,

Can you confirm which version of Photo AI you are now using? Seeing that you have an Active Photo AI license, when using our latest v3.0.2, you will see in the crop option the ability to input 90 degrees in “Angle.” :slight_smile: (see example below)

Let us know if you have any questions, marking this as Resolved for now!


Some scans I have I pass through Topaz Photo AI to denoise and other improvements. Although sometimes they are flipped wrong. To keep me from pulling it into Photoshop, it would be nice if I could rotate the image while in Photo AI.