Rose lightly processed in impression


Hi stranger. Beautiful work.

Nice to see you back …lovely capture, color and details.

Thank you Kathy and Bob. Been a rough few years…3 Surgeries in 2020, long convelesence. Slow recovery (probably due to being in my 80’s).

I do come in often to see what others post. Don’t seem to be as many photos anymore.


I love the water droplets and beautiful colors of the rose. The dark, blurred background sets off the rose perfectly.

Thank you. Appreciate the positive feedback!

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Really nice! I really enjoyed using Impression but have not been able to use it for years. And the “lite” version in Studio is not very good and Studio has been abandoned. I’m on Mac and the latest MacOS, Monterey.
With all the amazing possibilities of AI one would think that now is the time to create a much improved version of Impression!
Is anything like that available?